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Best Bushes For Front Of House

by Kendal Meyer
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Best Bushes For Front Of House

Planting Boxwoods In Front Of House

A potted boxwood is a great way to add greenery and life into your home without the hassle of quarterly planting. Just make sure you keep it well-watered but not too much so that its roots are wet all year round!

Shrubs You Can Plant Close To The House

Shrubs are an easy way to add life and color into your landscape. Foundation plantings with low-growing shrubs like yew, juniper or boxwood will provide the perfect background while shorter plants have at least 3 feet (.91 m) between them for optimal air circulation!

What To Plant In Front Of Boxwoods

Good companion plants for adding both color and texture are thyme, hosta (or other green veggies), lady’s mantle herbaceous border lirope germander rosemary or sage. To combine them even more use boxwood with low growing shrubs that have yellow/ dark colored foliage in order to create an interesting focal point within your garden space! If these ever produce fruit then you will have something extra special worth celebrating – it adds yet another advantage of why this type should be grown near homes where people live because they’re so versatile

What To Plant Next To House Foundation

Foundation plantings are an excellent way to add beauty, longevity and function as well-mannered plants that can be hardy in your climate. These low growing shrubs like yew juniper boxwood or holly would make good candidates for foundation planting depending on where you live because they’re shorter than other types of more mature trees which means there’s less space below them so air circulation won’t get obstructed by roots but still have enough clearance with surrounding structures without being right up against something else either side

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