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Can You Dislocate Your Elbow

by Stella Mooney
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Can You Dislocate Your Elbow

Can You Dislocate Your Elbow

A dislocated elbow occurs when the bones that make up a joint are forced out of alignment. This can happen most commonly in adults, but it’s also possible for children to experience this type if nursemaid’s elbows occur due their hands being lifted or swings by forearms while they’re playing alone at home without supervision
A little known fact about toddlers who have been diagnosed with “dislocations” from medical professionals before you start worrying! There may be some good news – many times these injuries won’t require surgery unless there has been significant damage done

How To Fix Nursemaids Elbow

If you are not there to witness the trauma, then when it happens for first time your child may just seem paralyzed from using that arm. They won’t let anyone touch or move them because they think its hurt even though no one can really know until after-the fact if something was actually wrong with how their body moves around without actually experiencing an injury firsthand like most kids do through sports related accidents where this type of thing could have been prevented had someone paid attention during practice sessions rather than letting athletes+play

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