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Can You Add Essential Oil To Hand Sanitizer

by Megan Forster
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Can You Add Essential Oil To Hand Sanitizer

Can You Add Essential Oil To Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a necessity for anyone who has to interact with other people. Without it, you’re leaving your hands vulnerable and open to attacks from germs! That’s why I love adding essential oils like lemon or lavender in order not only clean but also scent them so that no one can tell there was even any risk of contamination at all on my end – especially since most smells are associated negatively these days anyways (clove being an exception). My personal favorite? Tea tree oil because its antimicrobial properties help keep infections away while still providing some nice fragrance along the way.

Add Essential Oil To Hand Sanitizer

The CDC and WHO recommend that we practice healthy hand hygiene to stay safe from illness. Do not add essential oils unless you plan on testing the resulting formulation in a lab for safety, stability, efficacy! The same goes with making your own unscented hand sanitizer- there are many concerns about using these substances which is why it’s important be an active listener when other companies refer back to their research or recommendations regarding this topic.

Can You Add Essential Oils To Store-Bought Hand Sanitizer

We have been working hard to ensure that our hand sanitizers are in compliance with all guidelines so they can be commercially available as soon possible. Unfortunately, this means we cannot add essential oil ingredients at present time due the strict FDA regulation which prohibits it from being added unless there is a specific formulation for additional chemical blending purposes only (not just fragrance). We hope someday soon you will see these infused products on store shelves!

Can You Make Hand Sanitizer With Coconut Oil

This is a super easy recipe that you can mix up in just seconds. The ingredients are flexible, but the mason jar and rubbing alcohol content must both be at least 2/3’s of what’s being made so it stays germ fighting! Then add coconut or vitamin E oil along with any essential oils desired for scent – this will keep them fresh until their time comes to use (I like lavender). Mix well before pouring into your chosen container; old store-bought types work great if they haven’t been used yet because these contain bleach too which helps kill bacteria off totally internally.

How To Make Hand Sanitizer Smell Better

If you’re looking for a way to make your hand sanitizer more enticing and appealing, we have just what it takes! By using our specially formulated fragrances with natural sources of ethanol like citrus oils or floral waters in order produce an unpleasant odor as opposed one that is pleasant. This will leave customers wanting nothing but more so they can get their fix – which means increased demand on all levels.



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