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Why Do Girls Like To Be Spanked

by Felix Jimenez
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Why Do Girls Like To Be Spanked

Why Do Girls Like To Be Spanked

many women feel like they can’t be “to blame” for their sexual pleasure, because in a very primal way submitting to man allows them an escape from responsibility. They get free passes on feeling guilty about enjoying it without controlling themselves or understanding how exactly this happened.

Do Women Like To Be Spanked

What do women want in bed? More than 95% of them agreed! A survey was carried out amongst 1,500 females from all over the world with this question. The result is very clear – sex toy or not, most prefer having an active role during romantic encounters instead being passive like they were at their first kiss (or maybe even further back).

Why Do I Like Being Spanked Psychology

Scientists have been looking for the answer to why people like getting spanked, but they haven’t found one yet. It’s possible that it has something do with dopamine release in your brain–but there are other explanations as well!

A lot of studies show an increase when someone is touched on their ass without consent or enjoys being hit by another person (or thing), which some may view solely based off this pain-filled experience; however no two individuals react alike so its difficult.

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