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Why Do I Feel Threatened By Other Females

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Why Do I Feel Threatened By Other Females

Competing With Another Woman For A Man

The way you think about when competing with another woman for a man is completely wrong. You’re not even in competition with the other women, but rather all of them are against each other and vying for his attention–the main reason why it’s so stupid to do so! That said…I’ll admit that some men have been known (perhaps rightfully)to believe they can get away with pretty much anything because there will always be “somebody else” who wants him instead; however this couldn’t be further than true if we

Why Do I Feel Threatened By Other Females

Comparing yourself to other women is never a good idea. If you feel like everyone else has it better than us, then maybe they are happier and more successful?
The insecurity among females can often lead them down an unhealthy path where their flaws become accentuated rather than ignored or accepted for what they really mean – which might be nothing at all! So don’t compare yourself with these ladies because not only does this make things worse but also ruins your night out when another woman walks into the same restaurant as me while I’m having dinner with my man; knowing full well how much pressure those kinds of moments put on ones’ self-confidence.”

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