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Why Do I Have A Dent In My Head

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Why Do I Have A Dent In My Head

Why Do I Have A Dent In My Head

The human skull is made up of bones that protect the brain. If you notice any changes in your head, like a dent or notch on its shape and it doesn’t go away with time then make an appointment to see your doctor because there could be more serious issues at hand! Not only can trauma cause dents but so too might cancerous tumors as well bone diseases such ast osteosarcoma (OSA). Other conditions may also leave behind similar symptoms including headaches chronic ringingIn
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Can Headphones Dent Your Head

Headphone hair is something that many people worry about, but it’s not true. Your headphones can cause a temporary indentation on your head and even skull for good reason- they’re designed to exert pressure in order flatten out any bumps or waves you may have when wearing them!

Dent In Head After Craniotomy

Lumps and bumps around the wound are common. The bone flap (a piece of removed flesh) might feel like it moves slightly because pressure in your head can vary greatly, which causes small movements on this sensitive organ; you may even experience clicking sensations while healing takes place!


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